NLYman, a site exclusively dedicated to men’s fashion, was launched in 2014 as a spin off from Nelly.com.

Menswear has been part of the Nelly offering since 2008 and with the launch of the separate brand, NLYman, we have sharpened our focus on developing the interesting market that is men’s online fashion.

We focus on three fashion categories; Casual, Tailored and Trendy. Within these categories, we offer a wide selection of products from more than 300 brands to a target group of ambitious young men on-the-go.

Our brands range from top designer labels and iconic fashion brands to upcoming designers and brands offering trendy seasonal must-haves.


Our vision is to be the number one online nordic destination providing accessible fashion and style to ambitious young men.


Our mission is to inspire ambitious young men to a life in style.

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